Clinical Guidance:

  • Development of guidelines: Preparation of guidelines for diagnostic and therapeutic protocol of MS and notification by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (3th edition)
  • Patient Awareness and Education Services: Setting up a corona registration system among patients with MS in Iran and recognizing the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory features of Covid-19 among MS patients in the country
  • Improve patient care: Identifying at-risk groups and follow up patients faster and more effectively to provide timely services.
  • Specialized and sub-specialized education: study of the distribution, prescription and consumption of prescribed medication in the last 30 years.
    Necessary measures have been taken to include this report in the educational curriculum and training of MS fellowships.
    The results showed that in different regions of the country, had different treatment of patients, which shows essential needs to more training of neurologists through the national guideline update.
  • Supportive measures: 7 MS societies record their patients’ information according to the protocol of NMSRI.
    Patients refer to these societies for a variety of services including education and empowerment, psychological consultation, life skills, sports and social activities.
    Based on the questionnaire developed in the NMSRI, the socio-economic status of patients with MS is assessed at the time of registration. The low-income patients receive financial supports.
    These services are being provided after the cooperation of NMSRI with higher quality.
  • Reliability and validity of the NMSRI for the first time
  • Training of registrars through workshops, guidelines, face-to-face and online education.