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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common neurologically debilitating disease among young adults. In fact, MS is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that in most patients begins with clinical attacks (recurrence). MS is generally considered an autoimmune disease and the specific cause of this disease is not known. The severity of MS varies from patient to patient and each group of patients needs different care and rehabilitation services.
An important issue in the treatment of MS is timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment and follow-up of the patient. This requires the efforts of physicians and teamwork among medical staff including neurologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists and social workers. The chronic and progressive nature of the disease causes many problems because on the one hand it increases the burden of the disease on the family and community and reduces the mental and physical function of the patient and on the other hand it makes it difficult to care and follow up for such patients.
In the meantime, the existence of a purposeful system to record, monitor and follow up this disease is essential. In addition, the possibility of accessing a huge amount of information allows management review and research studies. These facilities lead to saving large costs of patients’ treatment and extracting epidemiological statistics related to the prevalence, course and knowledge of risk factors and improving health care services to patients.

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